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  • Tetine Sentell

    Tetine Sentell, PhD

    Associate Professor, Office of Public Health Studies, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa


    Dr. Sentell is interested in understanding racial and ethnic disparities in health care access, quality, and outcomes, particularly as they relate to health literacy, educational attainment, and English language ability.

    Selected Publications: 

    Sentell T, Baker K, Onaka A & Braun, K. (2011) Low health literacy and poor health status in Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Hawai’i. Journal of Health Communication. Forthcoming.
    Sentell T, Shumway M, & Snowden L. (2007). Access to mental health treatment by English language proficiency and race/ethnicity. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 22 (Suppl 2): 289-93. PMID: 17957413
    Sentell T & Halpin H. (2006). The importance of adult literacy in understanding health disparities. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 21 (8): 852-856. PMID: 16881948
    Sentell T & Shumway M. (2003). Low literacy and mental illness in a nationally representative sample. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 191(8): 549-52. PMID: 12972860
    Sentell T & Ratcliff-Baird R. Literacy and comprehension of Beck Depression Inventory Response alternatives. (2003). Community Mental Health Journal, 39(4): 323-31. PMID: 12908646
    PubMed Publications Listing:  Sentell T