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Who We Are:  RWJF Clinical Scholars (CS) Team Hawai'i Resilience

Clinical Scholars (CS) provides a leadership program for all practitioners from a wide range of diverse fields of health care with the goal to improve health problems throughout communities by taking an interdisciplinary approach and grow a nationwide Culture of Health. Our team is made up of strong-willed women, with a passion in our respective fields, bringing our “game to the table” to come together as a cohesive team to tackle head-on our wicked problem to educate and develop resilience in our homeless.  Meet the Team

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What is RWJF?

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is the largest philanthropy in the nation dedicated exclusively to health. Sine 1972, RWJF has been supporting research and programs dealing with a wide range of America’s most pressing health issues. The overall goal of the RWJF is to help improve the health for all in the United States by making an impact today and for future generations. Visit website

Aloha and Welcome!

We are excited to share our educational training program with you and hope our modules will help enhance your skills to better serve Hawai‘i’s homeless populations. Our goal is to increase resilience of our Emerging Health Professionals (EHPs), the volunteers associated with the Homeless Outreach and Medical Education (H.O.M.E.) Project, and homeless individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes through education and outreach.



There are 7 modules to be completed. You may complete them at your own pace and DO NOT have to be done all at the same time. They are about 30 minutes each. The modules include:

  Resilience for Health Learners   |  Dr. Aukahi Austin Seabury
  Homeless 101   |  Dr. Francie Julien-Chinn
  Pre-Diabetes at H.O.M.E.   |  Dr. Marjorie Mau
  Diabetes at H.O.M.E.   |  Dr. Marjorie Mau
  Medications for Diabetes   |  Dr. Camlyn Masuda
  Building the Patient-Provider Relationship   |  Dr. Dee-Ann Carpenter
  Leadership in Crisis   |  Dr. Camlyn Masuda


  1. Please complete the consent form and submit the signed form to and/or

  2. Proceed to the first module of your choosing. There are 7 different folders in this Shared Drive containing each of the modules. You can complete the modules in any order.

  3. There is a document in each folder for each module containing the pre- and post-surveys. Please complete the pre-survey before watching the module, which should take no longer than 5 minutes. You will be asked to use the last 4 digits of your cell phone number. This will be your “ID” and will only be used to link the surveys and your identity will remain anonymous.

  4. Once you complete each module, you will take a post-survey, which should take no longer than 5 minutes. Add your email address in the comments section of the post survey which will help us determine who completed the surveys if this was an assignment from your instructor and to give you your score for the post survey.

  5. Please take your time to complete all 7 modules along with their pre- and post- surveys.


We hope you can use these lessons in the future for your patients to better their health and yours as well.

Mahalo for your participation!




Educational Training Program Modules

Enhance your skills to better serve Hawai‘i’s homeless populations.